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Andrew Shanks

I believed the Bible was true, but that didn’t make me a Christian

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Ben Fisher

“I had increasing desires to understand more of the Bible and have answers to various questions.”

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Bob and Sally Townsend

“From that moment our life as a couple was transformed.”

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Conrad Pomeroy

“The truth concerning Jesus Christ was so wonderful, and the issues at stake so important that I felt compelled to tell others.”

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Dhanesh Lakha

“I vividly remember that night being very scared of dying but stubbornly I did nothing about my eternal state.”

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Elsie Brayne

“Mum, you make us go to Sunday School but you don’t go yourself!”

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Ernest Richardson

“I attended church fairly regularly without any real meaning. “

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Jonathan Gayton

I was forced to face up to the reality of my vulnerable situation

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Mark Cave

“For the first time in my life I was challenged about the way I was living”

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Nigel Robinson

At the very moment that Nigel received his PhD, something far more exciting was happening in his life!

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Pat Bradley

I discovered a Jesus Christ very different from the one I had imagined as a child.

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Rachel Crump

“I felt, ‘there must be more to life than this.'”

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Visiting Speakers


Peter Mackenzie

From social security to eternal security!

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From Islam to Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

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